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Metro Train Work to be carried out in Stages

In the latest meeting on March,25,2015, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O.Panneerselvam has told that the Chennai Metro Rail Project would soon come into implementation in stages of 2015-2016. In the beginning of this year, the phase-1 of the project is expected to be custom-built. Additionally, Mr.Panneerselvam announced that, the state had released an amount of Rs.616 crore in order to make sure the timely completion of the work. Once the rail network becomes operational, the local residents won’t come across transportation problem. This applies to Amarprakash residents too since train network is going to come in Outer Ring Road so they won’t be filing Amarprakash builders complaints.

Till date, the state government has fulfilled its duties by sanctioning an amount of Rs.3,105 crore, both as share capital and loan, added the sources. Currently, the Tamil Nadu government is hoping that the government of India would also release Rs.1,498 crore which is the already-overdue amount and the fund should be released in the form of loan and share capital to this project as soon as the earliest, added the officials. In the year 2009, the Metro Rail Project has been started and the fund estimated for it is Rs.14,000 crore. The project is expected to run in two different corridors. One is from Chennai Central to St.Thomas Mount and from Washermanpet to Chennai Airport.   

The chief Minister also made a promise of developing civic infrastructure like stormwater drains, public health centers and roads within the city limits. For this, about Rs.500 crore and Rs.750 crore has been allotted which would help the government to carry out the Chennai Mega City Development Mission and Integrated Urban Development Mission respectively for the year 2015-15. For the development of Tamil Nadu Urban Road Infrastructure, a fund of Rs.420 crore has been allotted said O.Panneerselvam. Currently, the government has sanctioned an amount of Rs.1,434 crore for the work of 1,084 water supply projects, a combined amount of Rs.1,929 crore for the road works of more than 3000Km and a cost of Rs.862 crore has been allocated for 74 drainage projects.

The government has given sanction for the work of implementing a massive storm water drain project with the support of TNSUDP (Tamil Nadu Sustainable Urban Development Project) and the project is expected to consume an amount of Rs.1,101 crore. A total of 22 UHC (Urban Health Centers) would be developed within the city of Chennai.